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I never use a cell phone on vacation. I call my son when I get to the ship, put the phone in the safe and there she stays. If I'm at sea, why do I want to know every time someone at home walks the dog or passes gas?? Sorry if aunt Molly or uncle Fred is feeling bad, but what can I do--does it help matters for me to call them every few hours to see how they are? Probably aggravates the hell out of them and does me no good either. I can get bad news 24/7 all the time when I'm home--when I'm gone, surely the world can revolve for a week without my input.
On our last cruise a few weeks ago some dim wit lady was strolling around loudly talking about having---- no---- not a good time --- but ---having a bad case of diarrhea! I can't imagine calling someone at home from a ship and paying several dollars to tell them I have diarrhea--Like I'm sure they give a crap anyway!
I guess privacy and modesty went out the window when the cell came in the door. But, if people are so naive as to think things will come to a stop unless they check in every few hours for the week and don't have a clue as to what it's costing them, then more power to 'em. Their time and money.
Just my nickel's worth.
Happy sailing, happy celling and all that !!
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