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Originally Posted by SharonCulian View Post
Thanks for all your help. We booked the Veendam because of the Ports of St George and Hamilton. I would just like to email someone to let them know that many people are very unhappy with a 45 minute tender, with only 1 day in st George. Any idea? We are on the June 27th cruise to Bermuda.
Thanks, Sharon
During our conversation with the Hotel Director and Captain we asked the question... why not just dock in Hamilton, and let those who want to vist St. George do so from there (not difficult).

We were told it was because the itineraries published for both the '10 and '11 state there will be a 1 day port visit in St. George and people would object if the attempt to stop there wasn't continued.

Entirely conjecture on my part... but I think there may also be some "politics" at play within the HAL and Bermuda government, in this regard.
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