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I'm not sure I understand and am reading the following quote incorrectly:

If you put down a deposit only before the final payment is due you can watch for price drops and put down the final payment whenever you want at the lower price. You are NOT obligated to pay the price the cruise was when you made your deposit. But you must make the final payment before the penalty period starts (usually 90 days ahead of the sail date) or else pay whatever the price is on the day final payments are due.
Does this mean if you don't pay your final payment 90 days out, which I believe is earlier than the usual final payment date (isn't it 75 days?), then you have to pay what the price is on the final payment date? So if the price is higher than when you put your deposit down, you have to pay the higher price? I thought the price was locked in when you placed the deposit. Am I reading that wrong that people need to make their final payments 90 days out to get the price that they put the deposit on or run the risk of having to pay more when the actual final price is due?
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