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Default Holland America in B ermuda

Just found this thread/blog and I am taken aback by tenders being used in St George. First I heard in February that the ship was going from Boston.. guess they were wrong and also heard that Carnival is going to Bermuda.Parrot Pop and I have cruised Bermuda until the past 5 years the minimum of a dozen times when the Royal Majesty sailed from Boston and several years did it twice. The fact that the "powers that be" are welcoming cruisers is shocking!!! Yes, you read that right "shocking" One of the major players (name on request) told me personally they did not want cruisers because they didn't spend $$$. This was as I was buying collectibles in his shop. They felt that tourists who stayed at hotels were most likely to buy china, crystal, and woolens. Many of the wonderful shops in downtown have closed and office buildings put up. St George that wonderful little spot in the West End had many of the downtown stores annexes close. Wandering the side streets of St George you get a taste of the island, the gardens and their colorful big tourist attractions. Your pictures were wonderful btw. When we started going to the Dockyard.. there was nothing but a couple of thanks to the cruise industry who have built the docks a major attraction . For many years Bermuda and the "powers that be" did not want to cut the area again where cruise ships cruise through and now they are using tenders. Bermuda had very strict guidelnes as to how many ships and passengers were allowed. With Carnival going to Bermuda..I'm afraid it's going to look like the Grand Caymens where there were five ships docked a few weeks ago and Nassau. Crime has increased against tourists, more accidents on mopeds and the charm of this wonderful island and it's people will be gone. Ride the local buses, the Bermudians are wonderful, kind and helpful people. The NCL Majesty was the most rebooked ship in the line until the Dawn went to the NCL Spirit is leaving Boston and the Dawn is going to make the run starting next year...more cruisers.. so I guess Bermuda needs the $$ from us. BTW I love the bus and ferry system and our favorite place is the Swizzle Inn. If we were docked in Hamilton for one day.. that is one day too much. Oh yes. entertainment.. Bermuda had strict rules as for what entertainment was allowed when the ship was in port....has that changed?
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