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I used a power strip on the Fantasy for the Apr 19th 2010 cruise..Left it plugged in the whole time with a alarm clock and a cell charger. The cabin steward saw it there every day and no word was sayed about it. Im sure all the plugs are on some sort of circut breakers and that would prevent any "overheating". Plus a "clock" or a cell or camera charger dosent produce enougth amps to cause a problem anyhow....Yea I know they make up excuses that dont make sence. Normally from my experance from cruising, there are only 2 110 outlets in a cabin. One at the desk and the other is in bathroom in above the mirror. The other outlet at the desk next to the 110 is a European type..Dont use that, even with a adaptor..I did that by mistake and smoked a cell phone charger back in 2001 on a 17 day cruise. Been there and done that...
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