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Originally Posted by katlady View Post
I think when comparing the cruiselines food the specialty pay restaurants shouldn't be included. If the specialty restaurant is the only place that food is good that is a scam to get you spending more money.

On the Celebrity cruise we ate at specialty restaurant and the food was really excellent. The Rum Raisin ice cream and pizza was also excellent.

However, most of the dining room food was bad with a captial B. If you wanted good food on the Infinity you had to spend $30 per person to eat at the specialty restaurant. That is just wrong.
I think HAL is top (the main dining room is almost as good as the specialty, on formal nights it was as good,it just did not have the ambiance of the specialty) but my two Celebrity cruises, Celebrity came in second, as far as food. The Zenith had no specialty restaurant, but I found their porterhouse steak they served on formal night every bit as good as the fillet Mignon I had on RCI Mariner of the Seas in Chops 4 months earlier. Celebrity Constellation did have a specialty restuarant, but I found it was also only slightly better than the regualr dining room. Now, the ambiance was really good, I really enjoyed the harpist, but for the food, I was just as happy in the main dining room.

Now Carnival and Princess both had good food, I would say they tie for 3rd place, except one of my Carnival cruises the food was not good, however, the other 3 had very good food.
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