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With experience, many of us have already perused our CM Cruise Bargains, called around for a few prices, with a ta, or the cruise line, and make a quick decision, and pick up the phone. I am in the process of doing this now. once I get my quotes, I will make my deposit. Doing a different type of cruise or going to a different place, can demand more ta time...they earn their money,and I always use one.

Getting good air fare is harder now...the Boston to Florida easy to get $198.00 pp fare is long gone, as are the wide body planes we used to fly I check the rates constantly...

We also check, to see what my fave hotels are getting, and then head to Priceline,and plug in the rate I saw..last year we got the Renaissance on AIA in Lauderdale for $59.00 a night. We also got a car rental for a mid size for $18.00 a day..very good if I do say so myself I also make our shuttle resdervations..after some reserach I found a $15.00 pp each way charge..last cruise we flew into FLL, and cruised out of Miami..we always precruise in Fll...That's my way of doing things

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