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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Wando - I honestly don't know what happens if the price goes up. I assume you have to pay whatever the price is whenever you make your final payment.

If the price goes up after you make your final payment then there no penalty - but there is an upgrade possible if you make a final payment and the price goes down before the penalty period begins. This is an alternative to having you cancel and rebook, or having to give you an ojboard credit.

But to answer your other question - your deposit is due the same day the penalty period starts. It varies according to whether your cruise is 1-5 days 6-8 days or 9-days+, it is 75, 90 and 90 days out.
I checked the final payment date for my RCL cruise next April (13 nights) is 70 days (final payment due Feb 19, 2011; Cruise April 30). Note: this cruise shouldn't be impacted as it was booked in Jan 2010. I always thought it was either 70 or 75 days unless it was a Christmas holiday cruise and then final payment was 90 days.

So if the price isn't guaranteed once you pay the deposit for final payment, then I assume to be sure to have that price quoted when you placed your deposit you will have pay the final payment at 90 days or earlier rather than the actual final payment date.

I can see locking the price down after final payment, but keep that price what it was when the deposit was placed or change the final payment date to 90 days prior for all cruises. I'm hoping all this is just poor communication on the part of RCL.
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