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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Some of you implied this by saying you check ships & itineraries & then shop price - but re-stating the obvious - the biggest price differential for the exact same cruise appears to be SAILING DATE. Am I right?

Sailing date will be a factor in the final determination but on many itineraries there isn't too much wiggle room in sailing date. Most North American cruise lines will only have a presence in Asia, Australia and South America for only part of the year. There now is more of a choice in Europe with NCL and RCI having a presence almost year round.

If you are going to cruise the Caribbean you will always get a lower price if cruising in the Fll rather than summer.

I did notice that earlier this year Alaska was selling for a premium price but now I see $399 and $499, inside cabin, prices. In January they were going for $600 to $800 for a seven day cruise.
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