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Originally Posted by lfivepoints69 View Post
I think that it is safe to say that 99% of gay people under the age of 65 have never heard of this term 'friends of Dorothy'. It sounds really stupid. I'm not clear what it means but it may be even worse that the awkward, offensive, vague, redundant, and nonsensical 'GLBT'. If we do have social gatherings targeted to gay families and individuals, let's just use the standard and normal adjective 'gay'.

You bring up some good points.. but I also think you might be reading to much into it also. I presume you are younger than say... 50 yrs or so. I don't exactly know the historical reference that the Friends Of Dorothy comes from.. but the older folks seem to know better than I do. Even though I am in my mid 40's and gay, i don't know all historical gay references either.

From what I have been told the acronym GLBT began some time in the 80's or 90's. as a way to include all different sexual identities withing the gay/lesbian community. It's all inclusive. Later Q was added, so it was changed LGBTQ which stands for questioning. Again to be all inclusive and politically correct.

I as a gay man have no problem with being called gay, but does it encompass every sexual identities?

I don't think (FOD) it is stupid as you say.. it's campy.. being campy is something that younger people don't quite get I think. It's a way of mocking something that is cheesy or campy and having fun while doing it.

I would support changing the name to something else, but in the mean time, the FOD name doesn't bother me at all.

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