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My understanding is that the passenger's who boarded yesterday were told it was because they were not allowed to navigate the spill area during the darkness and could only do so during the daylight hours.

What no one knows is who or what entity imposed that restriction. Perhaps the Captain or Carnival itself. It may also be a restriction of the ports they are going to, where they cannot dock if they have oil on their hull. Who knows?

I started thinking about it and really I doubt a 5 hour delay will mean much to our upcoming cruise on June 5. Since there are 2 full sea days before we'll arrive in Belize, I would think there should be plenty of time.

Cheryl I would not worry too much about a trip so far out in October. If they don't have this menace plugged by then, a cruise will be the least of everyone's worries. At the point that Carnival's schedule is consistently or substantially impacted by these conditions, they would move the Triumph to a different port and make appropriate changes. Lord knows we love New Orleans and want ships sailing from there year round, so let's pray they can stop that oil flow and get this mess cleaned up. I fear for the Gulf Coast and hope that BP can get this oil stopped before it does more damage. My advice is, do what you would normally do, buy trip insurance, book hotels and flights with generous change/cancellation policies and just keep a watchful eye on it.

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