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Originally Posted by Les G. View Post
Is there room in a Cat 11 cabin to store 2 car seats? If not, will they store them for you somewhere else? We're planning to rent a car at MCO, then return it at the port. Thanks.

You can put 2 car seats in the closet on one end but then thats where most people put their luggage.
Is your luggage small enough to slide under the bed? That would help.
If not you can set one in the closet and the other on the floor next to the cabinets (drawrs)
Also there is like a desk where the ottoman slides out across from the coffee table, You might slide that out to sit on and put the car seat under there. At least then the object out in the room would be usable.

worse case you could set them in the shower until you need to use it, then set them out until your done and the put back again. I know that sounds crazy but it would work if nothing else does.

I have never heard of them storing car seats but you could call and ask?

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