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Cool Water

Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post
I have had an AQ cabin and just got a fabulous upgrade for one on my upcoming cruise...The extra cost is worth it just for Blu and they do not only have healthy foods. There are three everynight items on the menu and the menu is totally different than the MDR. They also serve a great breakfast. Another minor perk which can add up is free water, our attendent just replaced ours as we took them so we didn't have a limit.

Also, in discussing cabins, there are some on the hump area that have huge verandas. I was lucky enough to get it and the veranda is about 9 x12'.

Didn't realize the water in the refrigerator was "FREE". There was less stress in the Blu dining room but I have to tell you we did have a humungus cabin.. and for $29.00 more each.
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