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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post

If there is a mechanical problem they can cancel a cruise. The engine problems on Millennium class ships have resulted in a number of canceled sailings.

The good side of this is that cruise lines often give very nice compensation for cancellations. Many have offered full refunds and another free cruise.

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What you have said about when Celebrity cancels a cruise, because of the recurring propulsion problems on one of the Celebrity Millennium ships is absolutely true.

What seems to be a common mis-conception, by some, is what happens when you are on one of these crippled ships before it goes to dry dock for repairs. When the Celebrity Infinity had this problem in November of 2006, Celebrity made a decision to continue to sail at reduced speeds until a regularly scheduled in mid May of 2007, some six months later. When there is a propulsion failure the result is usually missed ports, late arrivals and shortened port times. The compensation is usually $100 on board credit. Fair and "nice compensation" when you miss half of a 13 night, I don't think so!!!
Tens of thousands more passengers have been on these cruises than those who have been "winners" in the Celebrity reliability lottery. It is always nice to have the whole story for readers as to what has happened in the past and what can happen on one of these Celebrity Millennium ships.

As for any cruise line cancelling a cruise because of low bookings, I have never heard of that happening. When there are low bookings cruise lines tend to reduce the price until they do sell most of the cabins.

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