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Some things are true and some things are probably not true. I live in South Louisiana and happen to work for an oil company. (Not BP) I do have to say that most of my immediate family and plenty of other relatives works as commercial fishermen in the area known as the inside waters of the State of Louisiana. The thing about working the inside areas is you have to follow the rules of fishing seasons that are set by the state. Shrimping in the inside waters normally runs from the 1st week in May to the middle of June. Then again opens in the 1st week of August to around December 1st. Being someone whos actually done this right out of high school you have to make enough money in the 1st season to last until August. Then make enough in the 2nd season to get you through the winter until next May. These fishermen make there money in shorts periods of time. If you take one of those times away it is devastating to them. It being said it could take years for the areas to be fishable again. This means lots of people will suffer in ways unamaginable. I understand that BP is trying to help most of them out, but at a small monthly basis according to when they narmally work. This will not cover what actually needs to be made for one month, since one month might have to over 3 to 4 months. Praying for everyone affected by this catastrophe. Yes it is a catastrophe in more ways than one.

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