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I never paid much attention ..until..Nov 2005 on the Conquest which due to Katrina had been switched from New Orleans to Galveston, and our smooth jazz cruise, which was suppose to be on the Elation and full charter, had to be switched to the Conquest which made it no longer a full charter and no advance notice to the non smooth jazz passengers that this was going to occur which caused meal time and facility availabilty adjusted...needless to say it had the potential to be a very unhappy cruise for all parties, plus we hit rough weather which meant we could not tender in Cozumel and alot of folks get very seasick


the CD and his staff did an outstanding job of making the best of the situation and did everything possible to make the situation work...the evening performances of the smooth jazz artist were not open to the non smooth jazz paying guest, but the CD worked with the promoter to have several performances on the lido deck during the day that everyone could enjoy..the jazz group was assigned the early seating which moved every one else to the later seating and there was only one show (due to venue) at 1130 pm for the regular guest (the irony of course, the smooth jazz guest could enjoy the best of both worlds)

so IMHO, the CD does make a difference when there is a last minute change in plans or routine
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