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Well this year beds were lost as the main portion of the Elbow Beach Hotel closed for renovations. Now these could take some time, as the financing still needs to be worked out. But other resorts are also being renovated, expanded or built. 9 Beaches has closed and is being completely redone, with a new larger more permanent portion of the property being built in addition to the Cabanas. The old Munro and Lanata properties are being completely rebuilt, by the developer of the brand new Newstead. The Tucker's Point Resort opened last season, and is spectactular. There is a sea change when it comes to Bermuda Resorts, but I think in about 3 years, there will be many more and nicer options than there are currently. I visit the island a couple of times each year, and it is still delightful. And Hamilton is looking better again, with most of the construction just about finished.
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