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Cruise Mom,

Originally Posted by You View Post
I have used this service personally and it was amazing! With the service you get your airline boarding passes delivered to your room the night before you disembark. Then, the morning back at the Port you get off the ship first as you don't have any luggage. We were able to enjoy the rest of the morning at the beach before we had to catch our flight back to the airport as we didn't have any luggage with us. It was great, especially with kids!
Unfortunately, I remember when this service, or substantially similar service, was free. The airlines found it more expedient to issue boarding passes and check luggage on the pier rather than at the airport. Alas, the free on-pier check-in went away after the "9/11" attack.

The fact that the company now charges for this service reminds me of an advertisement some years ago promising to send the "secret of success" to everybody who sent $10.00 to a specified address. Those who sent in their checks received an envelope containing a card with a fishhook attached to it. Printed on the card: "Fish for suckers."

Ah, yes, the cruise lines do it well....

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