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Originally Posted by mustang sally View Post
We have opted for any time dining this time too, for the first time.
My question is ....well I have two.

First - Since you probably will not have the same waiters from night to night- are the waiters as attentive as they are when you have a fixed dinner time with the same waiter every night? Do you miss that personal touch?

Second - I hear they hand out pagers. We will be sailing on the Dream. Is there a bar outside the dining room where you can wait and have a cocktail?

Whoops! One more question. We are booked on an Aft balcony. Is it true that passengers who request any time dining must dine in the forward dining room? I thought I read that somewhere.
I found the waiters to be just as attentive but they don't know your name or drink preference so it is less "personal". I only miss the personal aspect if I am with a group. If it's my wife and I then I could care less.

They can give you a pager if there isn't a table available. You have a better chance of being immediately seated or less wait if you are open in your table size and don't go at the prime times. It seems that even though people take open seating they still want to eat around 6:30 and 8:00. Try dining between 7 and 8 or around 9 and you will have a good chance of immediate seating.

Only one dining room area is designated as Your Time Dining.

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