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what works well for me is that i make a very detailed list, the list starts out fairly long, but i pare it down as i go. Mix and match definately, and more than one day on a pair of short or pants, sheath dressess and a simple pair of sandals or kitten heels are much easier than pants/shirt, capri/top or skirt/top for casual nights, see how i just pared that down? lol. I only pack ONE PAIR of dressy shoes/sandals, ONE PAIR of casual sandals/kitten heels, wear my sneakers, and ONE PAIR of all-purpose water sandals, did you catch that one Trip lol? Formal wear used to be a long gowns but those have been replaced by cocktail dresses or dressy dinner suit with sparkly/or silk blouses. I roll t-shirts, socks and undies, put them in ziploc type bags, squish them and tuck them into any corner of the suitcase i can find
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