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Originally Posted by You View Post
Someone told me you're allowed to take a case of water or soda onboard. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it a case per person? Or one case per cabin?
Each cruise line sets its own rules and policies of enforcement, so you'll need to check your cruise line's rules to get the exact detail.

That said, I would not bother to bring either onboard.

>> The ship's tap water is excellent, and most ships do sell bottled water to take ashore. Just buy a bottle for your first shore excursion and then refill it from the tap each night. This will spare you trying to pack your private supply.

>> And most cruise lines now offer a "soda sticker" for $5.00 per remaining cruise day that entitles the passsenger to whose cruise card it's affixed to unlimited fountain sodas from all of the ship's bars for the duration of the cruise. If you drink a lot of soda, this will be a lot cheaper than your private stock!

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