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Originally Posted by rollerdonna View Post
We are currently researching our next cruise...and purposely avoiding any itinerary that includes Jamaica.
We have not had positive experiences there in the past and have no desire to go back. This includes all-inclusive type holidays. We've done one in Jamaica, and although it was beautiful, the poverty and crime we witnessed was disturbing, and the fact that the resort had to be surrounded by a 10 foot stone wall with barbed wire at the top was just plain scary.

Many Canadian prefer Cuba, particularly for all-inclusive destinations.
We're just waiting for Cuba to open it's doors to cruise ships.

The wait will continue until the US changes its almost 50 year-old outmoded Cold War policy on Cuba. While the sentiment to alter this policy and establish diplomatic relations with Cuba is growing on all sides of the political spectrum, it will not change as long as both parties fear that they will lose the Cuban-American vote by changing the policy. Problem is that under our Electoral College system Florida can and has swung elections (Remember 2000 when Gore got the majority vote nationwide but lost due to Florida's electoral college votes going to Bush). The Cuban-American vote in South Florida is significant and can swing Florida one way or the other. If the Cuban-American population were more dispersed nationwide, I think we would have normalized relations with Cuba a decade or two ago, possibly shortly after the fall of the USSR.

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