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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
I thought it was honest & down to earth, most dress to cover up any flaws we have or think we have.
Down to earth? Interesting.... I don't find any of the comments below down to earth but to each his own.

"In my experience, skirts and dresses that fit properly generally will diminish the visual impact of various bulges while pants will emphasize bulges. Ladies who have perfectly flat abs and a well-shaped tush can get away with pants. The rest of the ladies do well to consider other options."
"Seriously, for ladies who have any "bulges" that are, ah, less than attactive, a skirt or a dress will diminish the visual impact in ways that pants cannot."
"Well, actually, I was not talking about camoflaging "bumps and lumps" but rather about diminishing the visual impact of... well, to be blunt, blubber."

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