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Originally Posted by You View Post
According to experts it’s going to be a very active hurricane season for 2010.

'Hell of a year' for hurricanes, expert warns-
"Frankly, my dear..."

Seriously, I refuse to take a cruise going to any destination where hurricanes are likely to be an issue. The time from mid-May through mid-September is the humid season in the northern tropics, when the air is typically so thick that you need a machette to hack your way through it. When it comes to miserable heat, there's nothing like a "95/95" day -- 95 Deg. F and 95% humidity. The odds of a hurricane disrupting a cruise may be less than 10%, but the odds of heat and humidity making it horridly miserable are nearly 100%. Thus, at that time of year, I'm going someplace more pleasant -- and not to the Mediterranean, which also has "95/95" weather at that time of year. Alaska, Canada/New England, and Northern Europe are great choices for the June-September time frame, and Bermuda might be okay.

And by the end of October and in November, the probability of hurricanes wanes pretty quickly.


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