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I realize it's very very late to respond, but.... For the future cruise goers this should help at least a little. Pretty much to piggyback on Paul Motter's "Summing up" . My wife went on to this cruiseline, not me don't ask how come I am ending up writing the review haha.
We've been on Carnaval and royal Caribbean lines and according to her this one was the worst of all three.
Entertainment was alright, but the food was nothing like we are used to in US. She said they did not have lamb chops for breakfast but herring every single day. When she saw herring at home when she came back she almost threw something heavy at me
Anyway as far as getting you where you going it did it's job, but c'mon that's not all you expect from a cruise. If you are FOB no matter where from you'll probably love it (doubt you can afford it though) but if you lived at least few years in US, just don't do it. And research! If my wife would of read Paul's review she hopefully would of though twice before going. Well, I am glad I didn't go.
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