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Default Suggling liquor

Just returned from 7 day cruise on the Legend. All checked luggage is now scanned for alcohol!!! Started about a month ago, scores of bottles confiscated (mine was one). Notice in case stated it would be returned on the last nite of the cruise, which it was. Not really into smuggling but I resent paying $6.04 for a bottle of Bud Lite, this is price gouging at its worst. Large rum and coke, nearly $12.00!!! I know they have to make a profit but I think Carnival are going too far. Prepaid tips are pretty much the norm now , but at the end of the cruise the CD is up on the stage practically begging everyone to leave more in envelopes provided.
$20.00 for twelve articles of laundary? The cost of all inclussive vacations at a resort now seem to be a better option, sad as I really enjoy cruising but I won't be held to ransom.
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