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Originally Posted by H2O4Me View Post
I did that cruise last year, and had the same horrendous San Diego to Ensenada experience, complete with overcrowded waiting in tents in SD to board busses, no food or water for hours in the tent while waiting, i was thoroughly frustrated and angry, as with all of the other cruises i have been on, once you get to the port, it's usually a small wait, then you're on board. to make matters worse, Carnival lost my luggage while disembarking, (from the 7th floor to the pier), so i had to spend a week in HI with no clothes. carnival took no responsibility for looking for the luggage, nor for notifying me about it until four weeks later. The cruise itself was fun, and fine, but they've got to do something about the whole Ensenada routine - it's crazy.
There have been many cases reported of cruisers taking the wrong luggage.

It just happened to a cruise buddy on the Elation. They were getting of that 15 day cruise through the Panama Canal. They went to get their luggage and one large suitcase was missing.

Another passenger had taken it with her to the airport because it "looked like hers" and did not realize the error until they got to the airport.

Luckily, the passenger that had taken the wrong suitcase realized it BEFORE she got home.

She sent the suitcase back to the port via the transfer bus and it was eventually reunited with the owner.

Just like when you fly....there is no one making sure that passengers get the correct luggage when they pick it up.

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