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Default Bringing wine on board

Well I know the policy on bringing 1 bottle on per person. But truthfully I have never had a problem(until my last trip) with bringing more on. I am in the wine industry and prefer to drink my wine and pay the corkage. I have brought up to 1 case on in my carryon luggage through the TSI screening. They open it look at it and say " Wow" Great selection. BUT, my last cruise I was stopped and told I could only carry on 2 bottles. Was asked how many people were in my party and of course I fabricated it and he let me throu with 6 bottles. But meanwhile my daughter and her friend also carried on in wine bags 6 bottles each and had no problem going though the inspection. I am cruising shortly with 26 people for my parents 65th wedding anniversary. Each Adult will be handed 1 or 2 bottles to take with their carryon and hopefully it will fly through that way.
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