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Here in my little corner of the world, which isn't a cruise ship, we've had in the last couple of days a stabbing, a shooting, a 13 year old killed by a truck as she was WALKING across the interstate after dark in the rain ( where was mommy and daddy??) A man killed on the interstate by a semi who hit him after he got out of his disabled vehicle--unfortunately the semi didn't bother to stop,
we've had several robberies, including a bank robbery today but none of this made the national or international news nor mentioned on the net, as far as I know. It's not as sensational as something happening on a cruise ship-- just another ho-hum day in an average American city--murder, rape, robberies, etc., etc., etc.on a daily basis.
But let something happen or get a whiff that something MIGHT have happened on a ship and you see where it goes!!
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