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Hi Paul Motter! Your post has been the most helpful and I hope to seek your guidance and advice regarding married couples having jobs onboard

I've been doing a lot of research myself about this topic in particular. I have a similar situation with my husband who comes from a family of seafarers and he has already taken the initial steps in applying to either a Food/Dining or Hotel staff position. I also have had my share of experience in hospitality, but career-wise,since my most recent job was in corporate training and dev't, I would like to apply for a position in either HR, Hotel administration or even guest relations. I can also say we definitely have a realistic expectation of the job - long hours, 0 days off, heavy lifting, you name it, we're definitely willing.

I would like to know our chances of getting hired as a couple... I've been reading that cabin assignments would greatly depend on the number of people in each department and to which departments my husband and I would belong to. (if that would be the case then we'd try our luck applying for positions in the same department) My hubby and I really don't mind bunking with 3 other people, just as long as we are together. It would really put our minds at ease not having to worry about getting separated as we can definitely assure our recruiters, and most importantly our employers, that counterproductivity would not be an issue for us as we are highly focused and dedicated to work (and in dire need of savings).

We have been going through great measures to expand our skillsets so as to be flexible in any available position that would allow us to stay together.

Would you happen to know which cruise lines would be able to accommodate our request and what are our chances?

I would greatly appreciate your response...Thanks!
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