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Originally Posted by bermudafreak View Post
So you can get a price adjustment when you use Early Saver, huh? For some reason, I thought if you used Early Saver, you forfeited this. I booked the Miracle and ended up getting about a $500 adjustment. It's great!

The thing to remember with the Early Saver is that your deposit is non-refundable... you can however transfer it to a different cruise if you need to cancel (I think there is a $50 charge associated with this) but for us it is great because we almost always have a cruise booked so if we needed to cancel we'd just transfer the deposit to another booking, no biggie.

I booked this cruise a long time ago when the prices we very low, so I really didn't expect it to go below what I paid for it, since it was usually $500-$1000 higher. It was a good deal for us, so if you can plan at least 3 mos. ahead, and cruise enough that you can transfer the deposit should you need to change plans, it's a great deal.

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