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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz View Post
Way to go BW !! Gotta keep an eye on those prices.

Wonder if the oil thing had anything to do with the price drops?

Btw, whose going to pick up all the mouses your cat catches while you are gone next week?!

Phil & Liz
It may be the oil causing the price drop(if I had known the oil spill was going to be like this I might have booked something else). I will be watching the price until Thursday, if it drops any further I will file another claim for sure.

As for the mice, we decided to move all the cat stuff (litter boxes) into the house while we're gone and block their cat door into the garage (where they find the mice) and we have a designated cat sitter coming in until the 9th, then a neighbor will take over from there until we return.

I also intend to cover the furniture with tarps and comforters, since I don't know how the new guy will react to our absence... I don't want any unpleasant surprises when we return .

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