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Default PrePaid discounted Internet packages now available thru TAs

Opportunity to Pre-sell Onboard Internet Access at Discounted Rates

MIRAMAR, Fla. – June 2, 2010 – (Marine NewsWire) – MTN Satellite Communications (MTN), the leading global service provider of communications, connectivity, and content services to remote locations around the world, today announced a special incentive program under which travel agents can offer their customers prepaid Internet access cards for use on cruise ships.

This wholesale/resale incentive program for travel professionals will not only add to the overall cruising experience for their customers but will also provide them with additional revenue, according to Brent Horwitz, senior vice president, MTN cruise and ferry services.

“More than 165 cruise ships are currently equipped with MTN Internet Café and Wi-Fi services,” said Horwitz. “Now travel agents can pre-sell Internet time to their clients when booking cruises at lower rates than they would be charged onboard, or they can even offer free cards to customers as a value-added incentive for booking a cruise. These prepaid Internet access cards are a great way for passengers to stay connected, anytime, anywhere.”

The shipboard Internet Cafés are built and staffed by MTN employees, ensuring trouble-free online connections for passengers at sea. If the passengers prefer to log on from their own notebooks, MTN provides Wi-Fi coverage on many ships as well. MTN’s network provides fast broadband connections, as well as necessary firewalls and security.

Horwitz noted that MTN offers special competitive bulk pricing for groups and charters with rates as low as 20 cents per minute for high-volume users.

“Cruising on the high seas today means remaining in touch with the world,” said Horwitz. “With MTN onboard, cruise passengers can be at the center of everything even in the middle of the ocean.”

MTN is showcasing its Internet Café and Wi-Fi services in Booth 1403 at Cruise3Sixty in Vancouver, British Columbia, this week.
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