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I know this thread is a little "stale" but I wanted to add my 2 cents worth.....

I'm basically easy going and tend to go with the live longer that way....

With that said, I also read the book, "Cruise Confidential: A Hit Below The Waterline" when it first came out. Ever since reading that book and seeing what all the crew goes thru from the first day they sign up with the cruiseline, I have a new understanding about how hard they work and why. Their lives are not the easiest during their 6 month contracts, I would have gone AWOL on the rare first day I had off, in the first port my feet landed on.

Many, if not most, are working for their families back home. I'm sure that is the only thing that drives them to "keep on" some days.

If I can make THEIR job any easier by being polite, tip additionally than what is applied to our accounts, smile at them first, and not be a PIA, then both of us will truly enjoy being on the same cruise together.

jmho 8)

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