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Hi gang,
I am a newbie to cruising. We just got back a few days ago from a 40-year dream cruise to Alaska. We cruised with the Celebrity Infinity. The food was not bad food but it was also nothing to write home about [it did not quite live up to my expectation based upon what I heard about cruise ships and food.] My question is that, since I am inexperienced in cruising, has anyone done a cruise lately that they would consider better that the Celebrity Infinity and why? Overall, I would do the Celebrity Infinity again after trying some other ships; but I would still say that it was definitely worth it.
Fundamentally, each cruise line has its own personality and style that may or may not be a good match for your style and tastes. Celebrity is a "premium" line that has a long history of fine French cuisine, made from fresh ingredients with lots of rich sauces -- but not everybody likes that style of cuisine day in and day out. Some cruise lines cater to the "beer and pretzels" crowd, some cater to the "wine and cheese" crowd, and some cater to the "champagne and caviar" crowd. Celebrity is somewhere around the upper end of the "wine and cheese" category.

So the question here is not absolute, but relative -- not "Which is the best cruise line?" but rather "Which is the best cruise line for you?"

And there's only one person who can answer that question -- you.

For first-time cruisers, I generally recommend going into a bookstore and buying a guide book to cruise lines and cruise ships. All of the major bookstores, like Border's and Barnes and Noble, carry such books in their travel sections. Once you get the book, read the descriptions of the major cruise lines to get a sense of the differences, then make your choice. If you read the descriptions carefully, the right choice for you probably will be pretty obvious. If you find that two or three sound better than the rest, a reputable travel agent probably will be able to help you narrow it down. But if not, you certainly can try two or three lines in your next few cruises to get a first-hand look.

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