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Default Value of Poster Art ($$$$$$$$$)

I have attended the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival every year since I move here in 1998. I have purchased an official unsigned Festival poster every year. This year, the artist is Tony Bennett (who did a Louis Prima 100th birthday celebration painting) and because of the fame of the artist there was only a run of 12,500 total (they normally do 25,000 and have unsigned,signed,re-marque,c-marque). i decided to splurge and paid for a signed re-marque and since I learned how to do professional custom framing this spring, will frame it myself...I also consider it an investment...

I did alittle research and found out that if one is lucky enough to be in possession of a 1975 poster (1st year they produced them) and paid $5 is now worth $ 98 unsigned (Dr. John) that I paid $49 is now worth $425 and my two favorite 2001 Louis Armstrong and 2006 Fats Domino unsigned is now worth $280/$375..the value is driven by the artist and whether the series sold out or not..Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and Dr. John are alive and perform often in New Orleans, so maybe I'll be lucky and get them to sign the poster and then reframe it

who knew my hobby is such a good investment

do any of my fellow cruisemates collect posters or are art collectors ?
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