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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
Wow Mike,
75 of them?? Do you have them hanging?? I just got a collector plate and needed it framed to match the other 3 I have, ended up doing 2 of them, because I can't get the same frame....$344 to do just 2, OY.
Nah: I don't hang them. I just use them for dishes. Betty won't let me use the Melmac anymore since you can't clean the food out of the cracks.

Nothing makes a prettier table than NASCAR plates, Cool-Whip salad bowls and Flintstone jelly glasses.

Seriously: I don't collect NASCAR plates. I do have a John Wayne plate that my sister gave me, my Mom's "Beautiful Morning" plate and a couple of pewter, Currier and Ives, plates that my mom picked up in England. Betty also has a number of the Polish wooden plates that, I guess, are popular in Poland.

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