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Default Must Be Out of Their Natural Minds !!!

who in their right mind would pay at least 40% above rack (publish) rates more then a year in advance for a cruise that are full charters and packed with like minded cruisers

if one follows the Smooth Jazz cruises, it appears alot of crazy folks like myself and I suspect the cruise lines are taking notice

these cruises have become so popular (with a huge repeat clientel) that at least one group has chartered backed to back to back weeks (Smooth Jazz Cruises/The Jazz Cruise) that sold out almost a year in advance and they have open sale for 2012 already and the ship (Westerdam) is already 65% sold out..Dave Koz and friends chartered a Royal Caribbean Alaska Inside passage cruise for Aug 2011 that they open for sale less then 2 months ago and it is sold out..Rosie O'Donnell & radio DJ Tom Joyner are other examples of very popular sold out full charter efforts

as more and more theme cruises are available the pattern seems to be to reserve large blocks of cabins (i.e. the motorcycle groups or NKOTB, Elvis) on regular cruises for a number of years, build the base up the point that they can command a full charter

cruise lines love full charters because they make their $$$$ regardless of whether the promoter fills up the ship or not and they still have enough capacity fleet wide to convert a regular cruise to a full charter less then a year out and absorb guest already booked on that cruise

big difference between a regular cruise and a full charter..have any of you been on a full charter cruise regardless of theme ?
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