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Have sailed out of Chas.4 times on 3 different lines and each one has not been very smooth compared to other terminals and Chas knows they have a problem and i am sure they will improve. The short shuttle from the parking garage is an absolute joke as you will wait for a long period for your short ride which could easily be walked.The same at the end of your cruise as the shuttles line up and only 2 porters at the garage to unload which is absurd.The cost is now $15 per day and is covered.Your best bet is to stay the nite before at one of the local motels who offer free shuttle service and free parking during the week your are gone.Charleston is a great city to visit and you would do yourself a favor by adding a couple of days either at the beginning of your cruise.Eventually Chas will have addressed the minor issues of boarding and this will be a great port due to its location and not having the long trip to Fla.
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