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Good morning everyone and a grand Happy Birthday to you R/D! Hope you have a wonderful day!

At the way your granddaughter is reading books Sue, she'll have her own personal library and be a regular at Bob Evans. Absolutely wonderful!

It's forecast to be a fine day here too Cruwysie, partly cloudy with a high around 84F.

Today is oncology day for Fran. She has accepted that any day the other shoe will officially drop so she is not in the depths of depression. At any rate, we'll find out more this morning. Will let you know the outcome.

Last evening was Fran's cancer support group and as usual, it was an enjoyable hour and a half. I know that sounds strange, but such meetings at least with her group are upbeat and everyone is laughing more of the time than you'd probably believe. At any point, this if what is known as the Bible belt. Last night a gentleman attended for the second time and placed his well worn Bible on the table in front of him, generally with his hand atop it. At the end of the meeting he asked permission so as not to embarrass anyone if he could close the meeting with a prayer. Everyone said of course. He then gave one of the most appropriate and uplifting yet brief for lack of a better term, benedictions that I've ever heard. Though he is not, he sounded as if he were a member of the clergy.

Finally, my Electrophysiologist in Cleveland had adamantly insisted that I hve a sleep apnea test. I conveniently kept forgetting despite repeated reminders from my dear wife. At any rate, yesterday afternoon I was at my computer when I heard her on the phone, herself making the arrangements. Drats! Foiled again!

Prayers continue for those on the list accompanied of course by a request for Blessings upon all.

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