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HAPPY BIRTHDAY RD!!! I hope you have a great day.
Things are in full swing here with the eighth grade dinner dance this Friday and let me tell you Iíll be happy when Iím at the party and see everything is going smooth. I didnít realize how much work it was going to be. Itís sad to see how many parents just donít care to help. This will be my last time taking on something this big pretty much by myself, but at least I know the kids will have a great time and a great memory of their dance. Other than that my foot is still bad and Iím wondering if Iíll ever get back to a normal life. I canít walk more than thirty minutes at a time before I need to rest it. Itís very hard as Iím a walker and very active on my feet. Oh well enough complaining. Need to get grocery shopping done today and thatís about it. Cool and rainy for today a good day to take it easy. Have a blessed day everyone.
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