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Originally Posted by mustang sally View Post
Thank you so much! Those are exactly the kind of pictures we were looking for.
Now that we see them, we have a question. We are booked in an aft room on the Vista deck. It looks like it is very shaded and dark due to the overhang from the Lido deck. Could someone comment on this. Did you think your room was dreary or is it our imagination. Also did you find it loud, being under the lido deck? Are we worrying for nothing?
I have not been on dream yet, but I see and understand what you are seeing also. We have kinda wondered it too.

Alot of people would pry like a lil shade up there, because I do here a lot on complaints about how hot and no wind on the back. For me in all my Wrap experience that really doesnt bother me at all.

We were on deck 8, cabin 8448 on the Glory in April and we did hear some noise, but not a ton to bug us. It seemed on our cruise not alot of people were using those back tables on lido deck alot. But I will say this, you look onto the balcony from lido deck on the CQ class. So that lil lip overhang mite be nice up there.

Overall id say dont worry cant go wrong with a aft balcony!! to me atleast.
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