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Good morning everyone:

I'm posting late today. Like RD it is also Betty's birthday and we had an early morning breakfast celebration. The grandkids and I (yes, they got to spend an extra day with grandpa and grandma) made grandma breakfast and we served it to her in bed. The hardest part was my grandson running upstairs, about ten times, telling grandma she couldn't come out of the bedroom.

Cooking with two kids is fun but about five times more messy than doing it yourself. :-D

To all of you who have sleep apnea, or your bed partner says you do, get tested. You don't know how hard it is on your health and your relationship. Even if you initially "hate" the machine give it a real chance and you will see a world of difference in your health and you will actually wake up feeling refreshed. It made a world of difference for me the first time I used it. Betty went as far as video taping me to show me how bad I was.

I don't use my machine like I used to. Dropping 25 pounds made a big difference and I no longer stop breathing when sleeping but there are still times, when my snoring is too loud for her, that Betty tells me to put it on.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and I hope all who aren't feeling too great get to feeling better soon.

Take care,
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