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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
...One trick I pulled not too long ago on three ladies who were in an inside across the hall from us--they would come in every night 1-2 a.m loudly talking, drunk, taking forever getting the door open--guess they were too drunk to hit the slot with the card and then be up for an hour carrying on.
Then of course they wanted to sleep all day. After about the 2-3rd night, I started getting even--l always get up early --I'd go to a house phone and dial their number and wake them up--ask for Fred, Where's Bill, are you guys ready yet, etc etc. Felt good to get a little revenge !! :evil: I finally had to ask them if they could please not be quite so loud when they came in as it disturbed all the others around them. They did quieten down somewhat.
I cured one couple once from door slamming late at night--every night they would come in around 1-2 a.m., loudly slam the cabin door, slam the balcony door, talk loud, etc. Finally one night when they started I got up, went to our cabin door, opened it as far as it would go, slammed it as hard as I could, ran to the balcony door, did the same, hollered, yelled,etc slammed drawers, back to the front door, back to the balcony door, etc. made about a half dozens passes doing this-- never heard them slam a door from that point on. Sometimes you just have to get people's attention. ;-)
I had to laugh at these two incidents. The first one of calling the room while the offenders were sleeping sounds like something I would do myself.
The second one made me picture a series of cruisers doing this. First the initial offenders slamming doors and yelling. Then you slamming doors and yelling. The the cabin on the other side of your cabin slamming doors and yelling... and on and on and on, all the way down the hallway.
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