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Cruise Lawers watching Oil Spill Carefully
If you are wondering why certain cruise law lawyers are trying to rile up anger at British Petroleum for gross negligence there is a VERY good reason.

Congress is considering amending the US involvement with the Death on the High Seas Act - an international treaty that limits liability for death on the high sea to damages equal to the earnings potential for the widow and dependents of the person who dies. (No punitive damages, and no rewards to non-supported family members)

The law states this so companies who hire people to work at sea will not be bankrupted by one mishap - say a ship sinking. If 3000 souls died and there was unlimited liability a cruise line like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, NCL, etc could face enough lawsuit damages to equal $billions - enough to never recover.

The widows of the BP Spill are understandably upset - but these are the conditions under which these rig workers took the job. Changing these rules could have consequences FAR beyond basic oil rigs. If you are a cruise line shareholder you should be watching this case very carefully.
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