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Default Let's create something new!

I Paul! Couldn't agree more! I was a dancer onboard many lines from Crystal Cruises and Holland America to Royal Carribbean for over 10 years. I've had to do more Broadway and Las Vegas reviews than I care to mention. As a choreographer and show designer now, I think the lack of talent (especially vocal) has alot to do with two things.....One, the audition locations producers choose. Some major cities they choose are filled with alot of empty talent while some looked over cities like Salt Lake have incredible young vocal talent because they are vocally trained from a young age as part of the culture in school and church quite frankly.....the voices rock! Two, the lines don't pay the onboard entertainers enough to attract top notch talent who expect to get paid their worth!

Relating to your comment on original concepts: I have a few concepts you may be interested in. It's time people took a cruise just see an original show only at sea! And I promise no Broadway songs or retracks from pop stars.........Tee Hee!
Bridget Metcalfe
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