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VTJean, First of all I'm not a moderator or anything else on this site--just a plain old dummy who knows that you should have a little respect for your fellow passengers when you come and go from your cabin, especially late at night, the same as you should have at a hotel when you come and go late at night, that you shouldn't belch, pass gas , pick your nose, etc. at the table. I don't give a tinkers damn what the other passengers do--they paid their fare and as long as they don't screw with me they won't have a problem. But when I pay my fare, I have certain rights and expectations too--such as being able to get a halfway decent night's sleep without some idiot keeping me up or waking me up every night coming in drunk slamming, yelling. etc. at 1-2 a.m. Maybe you haven't been on a cruise or maybe you've been on dozens--who knows or who cares-- but cabins in a ship are close, small and regardless of what you read , think or hear, the walls are fairly thin.
Regarding being so high and mighty,I wasn't born with a sliver spoon and grew up very poor in Ky. But we did have several things going for us. We were taught by honest, hard working parents right from wrong, good manners and how to conduct ourselves in a honorable way. Yes, we had a door on our shack. We were taught not to slam it.
If you want to talk high and mighty, get you donkey off your own high horse and read the humor that's in most of these posts.
Were you and I to be neighbors on a cruise, you might find that I would be one of the best neighbors you ever bunked next to or if you started acting like what you seem to be, you and I would probably have a problem right away.
I have a life--have a good life-- grew up being taught how to act, how to work and succeed, that traveling is fun and being something other than a wise ass is important.
May the soothing hand of peace and calmness descend upon your troubled shoulders and make you think before jumping too often or too far !!
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