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Default Life on the ship

Yes Paul...I absolutely agree with you.. A survey was taken in St. thomas of cruise employees and most accumulated $$ to send their families, support their chlldren in schools and as one waiter told me..he was going to open a restaurant in Croatia... I do know a young woman working for one of the cruise line who started out working on Broadway, she now works in Management and has done everything from costuming, dancing if needed and singing in the lounges (she has her card) and after years of this... is going to be part of the big picture and p lans for this cruise line (which haven't been announced yet) and work directly with the line in an important job. Oh yes.. if you go on the Epic.. you will be able to see much of her work.. For her it's a chance to see the world and has learned thanks to the cruise line many facets of working on a ship.. As you mention.. it's the ones "back stage".. the dishwashers, the engineering team etc.. who may be underappreciated..but it's a start for them and help to their families
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