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Originally Posted by Triton View Post
Hey Cruisers:

I am interested in your feedback on your preferred cruise line (and why)...particularly would like to hear from women and men who have sailed more than one cruise line.

For example, I have sailed on Carnival and Celebrity only. My first cruise was on Carnival and although it was OK, I didn't feel comfortable at my dinner table. I remember asking the Restaurant Manager for a table for two. I met other Gay and Lesbian couples on that Carnival sailing, but for some reason, there were no FOD meetings. I can't really say it's a "fair" analysis though as it was only a 1-week cruise.

For the past several years I have only sailed on Celebrity (most of their vessels). Every cruise has had FOD meetings. I have met many new friends on the Celebrity cruises and only on ONE cruise felt there wasn't a lot of tolerance (happened to be a 12 night cruise on the Mercury to Mexico).

On Celebrity, the staff treats me and my partner really special...when it's our anniverary or birthday or any reason to celebrate, they seem to go out of their way to make our stay with them as comfortable and hospitable as they can. We're from California and may be more used to others respecting our sexuality, but their genuine kindness for two gay men amazes me sometimes. This may sound strange, but on the past three cruises, we found our neighbors to be gay and lesbian!! We were not on a chartered cruise or with a tour group either. Anyhow, it helped us feel more at home and "comfortable".

I have found it very easy to find and enjoy the company of other "straight" passengers on Celebrity, this may be a gross generalization, but there seems to be a lot of "tolerance" and open-mindedness with those passengers...of course not eveyrone is, but as the saying goes, "Some will-some won't-so what".

If you have some time, please post your preferred cruise line. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you all!
We have cruised the Caribbean each fall for the past 5 years.Together 23 years,early 50's,etc,etc,etc!First was Carnaval,great for a first time,but to much like the fuckin circus!Next was NCL,only because it was a really great deal!But we loved it.The last three years we have cruised Holland America,The Noordam twice,and last year the Maasdam,and will never use another cruise line again.We have been treated like royalty,even though we are never in the "royal"section,and the staff has literally doted on us,but we tip well!I expect that has something to do with it,but nothing has ever seemed put on or phony.I have been through alot,coming from rural Vermont,and I know when people are sincere.HAL staff are a cut above and beyond.We are doing the 2 week Hawaii 7 November out of San Diego.I think I have made my case for HAL! I also firmly believe what I have read from alot of seasoned cruisers,your cruise is what you make it.Expect the worst and you will get it.We answer to a higher authority,and She guides us well!!
Best of luck,
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