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Default Single zero only

The single zero games will give you a shot at losing your money more slowly. I have not seen one on a ship and there are only a few in Vegas--mostly in the high limit rooms (and I heard that the station casinos have them.)

Don't use the "double up to catch up" method-- it is the mantra of the dealers because it is a winner for the house. The house rule is the longer you play the more time they have to take advantage of their built in advantage. Doubling up will result in you chasing a five dollar loss with 10-20-40-80-160-320. And you will bump against the max bet still looking for the five dollars. Don't think the wheel will go red 7 or more times in a row? Watch for a while and you'll see it.

I don't play much roulette but I often look at the poles at some tables that record the past spins-it is not uncommon to see long list of all black or all red. There is a reason they post this information-- novice players think the wheel has a memory that will have an effect on the next spin.
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